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Everyday Bravery

I caught a clip of a segment on TV (on in the background while I worked) with an ‘expert’ talking about encouraging girls to be ‘brave’ and that when given the tools to have conversations with friends that it lets them be brave in other areas of their lives. 

All of a sudden I had tears, thinking about how much of my childhood I spent just really fucking afraid of everything. Most children who grow up with abuse end up being ‘flinchers’ like me. This introverted, shy, and quiet child started high school as a teen of 13 who “flinched” the first time a classmate tried to hug her. Then there’s the shame you feel when people see you flinch and further you retreat into yourself. 

At some point I feel like I found my words and humor and sarcasm flowed out of my mouth like a shield. I got less shy the more I had trustworthy people around me and to this day, I really can’t stand to be surrounded by anything less. 

There’s more I want to write here, but frankly I don’t have the energy for it as I fight my fear, and battle with myself over going to the doctor or not, to finally kick this laryngitis/bronchitis/chest cold/cough whatever it is that is killing my spirit this week. 

Enough complaints, I’m pulling up my bootstraps and counting silver linings. 

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Awesome new music for your Monday! Camp Charlie has such a great collective of DJs and I love them all. This month brings you the styling’s of SomeKindaWeirdo. Jake Dempsey has charmed us all with his smooth beats and amazing attitude. Spinning mainly Vinyl, he keeps it “old school baby”. You can check him out on Soundcloud (listed below).
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The Palomino

I saddled a bronco

For a wild ride,

I wanted to break it

And feed my pride.

It broke loose and

Bucked me far.

I swore I’d never ride again

Swore it on a wishing star.

But I rode again

A dappled, a stallion

A roan, a bay

And I ambled and trotted

Day after day.

No ride was my partner

And I was a master of none.

Till I found the palomino,

Until I rode that golden one.

Tall in my saddle

Just a squeeze needed, no whip, no kick.

Quick to bridle

Easy taking the bit, no slip.

This colt was mine

The last ride I’d ever need.

A cream-colored sunfish

Unbucked forever on this steed.

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The Sail

Like a spinnaker sail, my confidence bloomed, 

Growing full as you let out the slack and let me go. 
When I had gulped full the breeze you pulled me back
No more slack. 
Between your grip and my canvas.
I longed to flap,
I fought for slack.
You, pulled afraid of wind-wrecked tears.
Held fast your hands to my tether.

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